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Small Bridge Funding Assistance – June 30 Deadline

Bayside would welcome the opportunity to assist you in the application and design process. The next deadline is June 30.  Contact us today.

MassDOT’s “Municipal Bridge Program” provides financial support to cities and towns for small bridge replacement, preservation and rehabilitation projects.

There are approximately 1,300 bridges in Massachusetts that span between 10’ and 20’ that are on municipal roads and whose ownership and maintenance responsibilities belong solely to the municipality. Recognizing the difficulty smaller municipalities face meeting this responsibility, the state established the “Municipal Bridge Program”.

At Bayside Engineering we have extensive experience in identifying doable projects and assisting with the funding program application process. Our ability to match up specific project criteria to the funding program insures priority consideration, a smooth and expeditious design phase and certain construction funding.

Why Choose Bayside Engineering?

  • A record assisting cities and towns throughout Massachusetts obtain millions of dollars in federal and state funding.
  • Recent and relevant experience in bridge design projects for MassDOT, MBTA, and MassPike.
  • A high degree of working knowledge and understanding of MassDOT’s Bridge Design Restoration procedures and design software.
  • A proven ability to respond on similar projects and to comply with tight deadlines and budgets and deliver a short-term construction period all while minimizing local traffic disruptions.
  • The ability, in some instances, to utilize an accelerated culvert replacement approach to minimize local traffic disruptions.
  • Familiarity with bridges best matching program criteria based on assigned MassDOT bridge inspection contract.

Program applications are available now.  Bayside would welcome the opportunity to assist you in the application and design process.

From our current understanding of the small bridge program, any design fees or construction administration fees that may not be covered within the state’s maximum reimbursement of $500,000/year/ municipality, would still be allowable for the use of Chapter 90 Funds. Thereby minimizing the municipality’s constraints.

If you would like to learn more about the Municipal Bridge Program or how Bayside may be of assistance please contact us.   781-932-3201