Boston Central Maintenance Facility

Administrative Building, Parking Garage and Maintenance Facility

Central Maintenance Facility, Boston, MABayside Engineering, Inc. designed repairs and provided construction administration for the work at the Central Maintenance Facility. The Central Maintenance Facility is located on the east side of the Northeast Expressway in Boston. This facility is a major center of operation for the Boston Police Department, the Municipal Police, the Boston Public Works Department, and Boston Water and Sewer Commission.

The total cost of the construction work to this facility was approximately $1,500,000. The facility consists of a main office building and a three tier six level parking level garage with work/office space on the ground level. The project work was divided into two separate construction contracts; a roof replacement contract; and a structural slab replacement and waterproofing repair contract. All work was performed while daily activities of the facility continued uninterrupted.

The roof replacement contract for all the main office building was valued at approximately $500,000. Work under this contract consisted of total removal and disposal of the existing built-up roofing system, to obtain a clean concrete deck. The new roofing system was constructed of two-inch rigid insulation under an adhered EPDM roofing material.

The structural slab replacement and waterproofing repair contract to the parking garage was valued at approximately $1,000,000. Bayside Engineering based the construction repairs to this facility on an initial study with recommendations. The study included; a site survey to locate the problems and determine the extent of deterioration; a testing program of the concrete garage structural slab/deck; and a construction cost estimate to establish a budget. The study recommended the required work be performed in stages as funds are made available.The first stage included removing and replacing all joint caulking in both the parking garage and office. The parking garage deck repairs involved; selective concrete patch repairs on levels three to six; and total concrete deck replacement for level one and two.