Bridgewater Maintenance Facility

MassDOT Maintenance Facility, Bridgewater, MA

Site Survey And Development, Building Design And Construction AssistanceBayside Engineering, Inc. completed the design and construction plans for two new pre-engineered steel maintenance facility buildings and three additions to existing maintenance buildings to be constructed in Bridgewater for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The project included complete site development, drainage upgrades and utilities, which were included with the final PS&E delivery.

Bayside supplied services necessary for planning, designing, and overseeing various construction and landscape renovations and site grading work. These services include the following:

  • Presentation, consultation, discussion and finalization of all plans and procedures.

  • Conducted and analyzed report findings and made recommendations based on study.

  • Structural floor slab and foundation design for pre-engineered building.

  • Architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering services as required.

  • Restrooms, plumbing, leaching field soils analysis, design and Title V permitting.

  • Detailed cost estimated and conducted a value engineering cost analysis.

  • Drawings, design concepts, preliminary and final plans.

  • Construction specifications and contract bid documents for this publicly advertised project.

  • Acted in consortium with local officials, as engineer/designer of the project.

  • Obtained permits and licenses, and the completed other required regulatory reviews.