MassPort Bridge Inspections

Massachusetts Port Authority (MassPort)

Under our recent 2-year open-ended contract with MassPort, Bayside Engineering, Inc. is responsible for providing all required detailed bridge inventory, inspection and rating services. Services include comprehensive inspection and rating report preparation, preparation of fracture critical reports and procedures, researching and obtaining all available and relevant documentation (i.e., prior inspection reports, rating reports, fracture critical reports and procedures, plans, traffic counts, loading requirements, etc.) for all MassPort owned bridges.

Detailed services include:

Perform inventory investigation of all MassPort owned bridges. Complete in-depth bridge inspections and prepare detailed bridge inspection reports per NBI, AASHTO and MHD standards.

Identification of Fracture Critical Bridges, preparation of inspection procedures and access methods for the inspection of fracture critical members and perform inspection of the identified fracture critical members.