Watertown Square Downtown Improvements

Watertown Square Downtown ImprovementsBayside Engineering, Inc. has been working for the City of Watertown since July 1998. The Watertown Square Study Commission was formed to examine the existing conditions and formulate strategies to improve the physical and economic condition of Watertown Square.

During the initial study phase Bayside Engineering created a Transportation Master Plan for Watertown Square.

The main purpose of the master plan was to address the visual character, and the uses and circulation within the public realm of the Square. The master plan provided a design plan and a recommended list of actions to implement its goals that will assist the Town in securing resources by delineating its overall intentions.

Watertown Square Downtown ImprovementsThe project area for streetscape, landscape and circulation improvements included the streets and sidewalks within Watertown Square. The area extended along Main Street to Whyttes Avenue to the West. Extending to the southern edge of the Galen Street Bridge, about 200′ along Charles River Road. In the East part of the Square, a portion of North Beacon Street and Taylor Street was also included as part of the Master Plan. In the northern part of the Square, the project will include Mt. Auburn Street to Patten Street, Baptist Walk, and the outside perimeter of the parking lots between Spring and Church Street, and along the first block of Church Street to Winter Street. Bayside was responsible for evaluating existing conditions and developing strategies for traffic operations and circulation for the entire Watertown Square area. The results of the plan included significant changes to circulation, parking, streetscape, pedestrian amenities bicycle accommodation that resulted in the potential to improve quality of life for the residents, businesses and daily commuters who utilize Watertown Square each and every day. The construction of the Watertown Square improvements was completed in 2005.