CMAA Award Winning Historic Stone Arch Replacement

Pleasant Street Over Blackstone River, Grafton, Massachusetts

CMAA Award Winning Historic Stone Arch Replacement

This bridge project is located in a rural area of Grafton, Massachusetts serving as an important link between the village of Saundersville and Grafton Center, as well as a connection to and from Grafton to Route 146 and the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Bayside Engineering developed 100% design review bridge and roadway plans in just four and six weeks, respectively to address environmental concerns, historic preservation and overall aesthetic appeal for this bridge.

This project had many complicated issues that were all overcome with good communication, proper engineering and planning.

The construction of this bridge used four innovative techniques that enabled Bayside to meet the project from the design inception to construction completion in just five months. Using conventional design and construction methods, this project would have taken over 18 months to design and construct. As a result of contractual incentives, design/build, a unique water diversion structure and the use of precast structural elements, the bridge was opened to traffic 64 days earlier than contractual requirements and was completed under budget.

The success of this bridge including design-build, environmental sensitivity and speed of construction resulted in the honor of receiving as award from the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA).

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