Keeping Massachusetts Moving: Truck Overload Permitting

Trolley Car, Truck Overload Permitting

When it comes to moving Super-Overload/Heavy-Haul vehicles, Bayside Engineering has tons of experience. No pun intended.

The Super-Overload truck permitting process requires a structural analysis of all bridges traversed to ensure the safety of the structure under the stress of the vehicle. That’s where Bayside Engineering comes in.

Having analyzed and developed hundreds of bridges for MassDOT’s database on the key interstate routes in combination with our vast knowledge and inventory of all remaining routes, Bayside can also assist the trucking entity and their preliminary pilot car survey service in finding the preferred path for the Super-Overload vehicle. Restrictions required to safely cross the bridges are noted in a comprehensive report in addition to any upcoming construction issues that may affect the course of the overload vehicle.

Be it precast concrete beams, wind turbines, propane tanks, transformers, generators, or trolley cars, Bayside makes the move happen safely.

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