Military Heavy Haul: Tanks Headed to Stow, MA

Bayside Engineering recently teamed up with the Collings Foundation to escort a military vehicle heavy haul for the Stow, Massachusetts nonprofit.

The purpose of the Collings Foundation is to organize and support “living history” events and the presentation of historical artifacts and content that enable Americans to learn more about their heritage through direct participation.

The three tank cross-country convoy from Jacque Littlefield’s private collection in California began its journey in July and ended last week with a Bayside Engineering escort through Massachusetts.

The tanks will be housed at the American Heritage museum opening in October.  According to the Foundation’s website, “When complete, the world-class museum will feature over 85 unique and rare tanks, vehicles, and artillery from all eras and nations in a one-of-a kind immersive and engaging experience, never before seen in a museum of this type.”

The Collings Foundation is headquartered from a small private airfield in Stow, Massachusetts that includes a small museum that opens for special events and pre-scheduled tour groups. The organization also has a satellite operations base in Houston, Texas located at Ellington Field primarily housing the Korean War and Vietnam War jet aircraft and helicopter collection. Learn more about Collings Foundation.

Bayside Engineering has been performing structural analysis and analyzing routes for the State of Massachusetts and private haulers for more than 25 years. Learn more about our heavy haul escorts.