Heavy Haul: MBTA Orange and Red Line Vehicles

Bayside Heavy Haul of New Orange Red Line Vehicles

Heavy Haul

Bayside Engineering teamed up with Dagen Trucking, Inc. for a heavy haul escort of the new MBTA Orange Line vehicles from Springfield to Medford, Massachusetts. Faymonville Trailers designed special trailers to haul the vehicles allowing them to not only steer the back of the trailers but to also enable each finished vehicle to roll on and off.

There are approximately 400 new Orange & Red line vehicles being made for this project over the next 3-5 years.

A MBTA release detailed the state-of-the-art car updates:

The safety and customer amenities include stainless-steel-vehicles car shells that incorporate laser-welding technology for better exterior finish, crash energy management for enhanced customer and operator safety, LCD monitors for customer information, and train-to-wayside communications via a wireless network for monitoring and detection of potential maintenance needs.

They are expected to be on the tracks sometime this year. Read about the MBTA New Orange and Red Line Vehicles

Heavy Haul Escorts

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