Bayside Engineering’s designs for these two (2) separate projects involved the complete reconstruction of 9.1 miles of an existing two-lane roadway through partially rural, partially urban areas of Northampton and Huntington, Massachusetts.

A safe driving speed of 35 MPH throughout most of the project arterial was achieved through the improvements made to the horizontal and vertical alignments. In addition, many concessions were made in the design to reduce or eliminate the impact to wetlands and other areas of environmental concern.

The project consisted of the following elements:

  • Widening the existing 22 to 24 feet in width roadway to a proposed 32 feet, providing two 12-foot lanes and two four-foot shoulders with bicycle accommodations
  • Reconstruction of all sidewalks and pedestrian facilities within project limits including comprehensive ADA/MAAB handicap accessibility upgrades and ramps at all crossing points
  • Reconstruction or replacement of four (4) bridges and numerous cross culverts
  • Completely new closed drainage systems replacing the existing “country” drainage systems
  • Only minor land-takings were required but extensive easements for drainage and construction were necessary
  • Beautification of major intersections by added planting and landscaping
  • Traffic safety upgrades and improvements at all intersections
  • Overhead warning beacons were provided at two locations and traffic signs were redesigned for the entire length of the project
  • Coordinated public hearings and design sensitivity to local community concerns and view points
  • Prepare documents and obtain environmental permits including MEPA, NEPA and wetlands

With the City of Northampton’s participation in the cost, existing water and sanitary sewer systems were improved and included as part of the total Route 66 Northampton reconstruction contract.