Roadway / Highway Design

Bayside offers specialized services in all evaluation and design phases of transportation engineering including highway, roadway, bridge, traffic management, signalization, pedestrian and ADA upgrades, utilities, drainage and stormwater management.

For 50 years, we have demonstrated our expertise on projects ranging from congested metropolitan areas to open settings. We have completed projects in major cities, suburban communities, and rural settings for which we have designed highways, roadways and intersections including new geometry, parking, interchanges and ramps, retaining walls, closed loop signalization controls, traffic safety, pedestrian crossings, walkways and bikeways, site utilization and development, drainage upgrades and stormwater treatment, ROW plans, utility relocations, water service distribution systems, environmental mitigation and permitting, costs estimates and construction management.

Bayside also has an in-house architectural staff to provide design support for ADA compliance and has successfully designed numerous buildings and building rehabilitation projects. We have over 20 professional civil, structural, traffic and environmental engineers, surveyors, technicians, field inspectors, and support personnel.

As road and highway systems become more congested and municipalities continue to evaluate their traffic flow problems, the role of the traffic engineer takes on increasing significance. Since its founding, Bayside has been continuously involved in traffic engineering, providing a variety of services in such areas as traffic impact studies, design and planning of traffic signals, controls and highway-rail crossings. Our engineers are systems oriented and employ a multi-discipline approach to our client’s problems. Technical aspects are studied and careful consideration given to both traffic needs and interagency design requirements. Most projects are subject to public scrutiny at their onset so that affected parties may express their views that may impact the development of the project.

Among the hundreds of traffic flow and control problems Bayside has solved, there is quite likely to be one or more very similar to that which you are facing. Our experience will allow us to quickly identify and solve your traffic problems.

Our traffic engineers are available during all phases of development to apply their expertise and experience to your traffic problems. Bayside is also available to help with any unforeseen traffic problems that may arise while under construction.

Bayside Engineering also has designed all types of drainage projects ranging from pumping stations and water treatment plants to stormwater drainage for roadways, parking lots all types of municipal, commercial and private roads and overall sites. Our designs for open channel and closed storm drainage systems have included numerous types of flood control, retention and water quality treatment structures.

In addition, Bayside’s staff is experienced in the design of both multilevel and surface parking facilities. Included in our structural and schematic designs are: traffic analysis, as well as provisions for fencing, drainage, paving, lighting, and security systems. Types of parking facilities designed by Bayside include: Park and Ride, Motorist Rest Areas, Private Parking Lots and Elevated Parking Structures, Parking Lots for Municipal Buildings, Maintenance Facilities, Parking for Vehicle Storage Lots and Commercial Site Parking Lots.