Truck Overloads

Truck OverloadsAs a necessary component of the truck overload permitting process, a structural analysis of all bridges being traversed must be completed to ensure the safety of the structure under the stress of overload and superload vehicles.

The State of Massachusetts currently analyzes several key interstate routes for this purpose; a private consultant must analyze all remaining routes and/or local roads. Bayside Engineering, one such consultant performing a large majority of this work, presents the analysis in a coherent report clearly stating the route, a list of all bridges traversed and analyzed therein, any restrictions required to safely cross the bridges and any upcoming construction issues that may affect the course of the overload vehicle. This report is reviewed by the State and any restrictions they impose are added to those determined by Bayside and sent to the State Permits Engineer.

Truck OverloadsBayside has performed a substantial amount of this type of work completed in Massachusetts for the State of Massachusetts and private haulers for over 25 years. Bayside analyzed and developed MassDOT’s database for all bridges on the key interstate routes currently supported by MassDOT. This combined with our vast knowledge and inventory of all remaining routes allows Bayside to provide the necessary information for any overload/superload vehicle or route and to quickly identify or establish alternate routes. Bayside is the expert in this field.

Representative Clients

  • Locke Crane Services, Inc.
  • S.G. Marino Crane
  • Shaughnessy & Ahern
  • Dan Barclay, Inc.
  • Rushco Services, Inc.
  • Dallas & Mavis
  • LoneStar Transportation, Inc.
  • J.A. Miara Transportation
  • Total Energy
  • Combined Transport, Inc.
  • Hallamore Corp.
  • Specialized Machinery
  • Daily Express, Inc.
  • Lucia Specialized
  • Ace Doran
  • Holloway Trucking
  • O.B. Hill Trucking
  • Trinity Industries
  • Miller Transfer & Rigging
  • Trans American
  • M & P Transportation
  • LandStar Ranger
  • LandStar Ligon
  • Taylor Towing
  • Russo Transport
  • Keen Transport
  • Stearly’s Motor Freight