Massachusetts Dam Inspections: Pentucket Pond Outlet Dam, Georgetown

Pentucket Pond Outlet Dam, Georgetown
Pentucket Pond Outlet Dam, Georgetown

Dams are a critical part of our nation’s infrastructure and provide benefits such as water supply, flood protection, hydropower, irrigation and recreation.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Office of Dam Safety maintains records of dams located throughout the Commonwealth and ensures compliance with acceptable practices pertaining to dam inspection, maintenance, operation and repair of dams.

Bayside Engineering works with local and state agencies to provide dam safety inspections throughout Massachusetts.

Most recently, Bayside inspected and evaluated Pentucket Pond Outlet Dam in Georgetown, Massachusetts. First hired by the Town in 2010, Bayside performed the follow-up inspection last month.

The purpose of the investigation was to inspect and evaluate the present condition of the dam and appurtenant structures and to provide information that would assist in both prioritizing dam repair needs and planning/conducting maintenance and operations.

“Regular dam inspections and maintenance prevent disasters,” says Bayside’s Chief Structural Engineer, Brian Boucher. “It is important that cities and towns meet scheduled inspections and we are always happy to help.”

Bayside’s preparation of the Phase 1 report determined the significant hazard potential dam was in satisfactory condition.

“We have been working with Bayside Engineering on various civil engineering projects over last 6 years,” explains Georgetown Highway Department Surveyor, Peter Durkee. “On all the jobs including this dam inspection, Bayside delivered quality engineering work in a cost-effective manner.”

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