Engineering Week 2017: February 19-25

Bayside Engineering would like to celebrate all the engineers making a difference in the world.

In honor of Engineering Week…check out this cool engineering project!

The Hyperloop—Travel Faster than a Jet?

What if you could travel at 700 mph? What if you had to be in an airless tube? This is what the new Hyperloop proposes. By combining the engineering of trains, air hockey, and t-shirt guns, the Hyperloop promises to get passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco (about 400 miles) in 30 minutes. The Hyperloop will reach unprecedented speeds by eliminating the two primary drags on movement: friction and gravity. The airless tube eliminates any friction from wind. A cushion of air levitates the Hyperloop car (like an air hockey puck), escaping gravity and getting rid of ground friction. The result? A world in which Beyoncé fans from Los Angeles can go to an evening concert in Chicago and get home in time to get a good night’s sleep.

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