Bayside Engineering completed the design and construction administration for a Welcome Center and Rest Area Facility located on I-95 Southbound in Salisbury, MA, for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

This rest area reconstruction and upgrade project included the following:

  • Site Development and Alternatives Analysis
  • Geotechnical Studies and Groundwater Modeling
  • Wetland Mitigation, Replication and Permitting (25,000 S.F. of Wetlands Replication)
  • Welcome Center Building, Information Kiosk, etc.
  • HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical and Emergency Electrical Generator
  • Restrooms, Plumbing, State-of-the Art Waterless Composting Toilets, Leaching Field Soils Analysis, Design and Title V Permitting
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Ramps
  • Route 286 By-Pass Ramp and Signage
  • Site Landscaping and Public Uses (picnic tables, etc.)
  • Parking Areas and Handicap Accessibility
  • Sound Barriers and Noise Mitigation along back of Route 286 By-Pass Ramp
  • Stormwater Management, Treatment and Permitting (Retention Basins, etc.)
  • Traffic Management during Construction
  • Site Signage and Advanced Highway Signage
  • Handicap Accessibility (ADA / MAAB)

Bayside Engineering was the design engineer/architect for the entire site, roadway, drainage, wetland replication and building work described above. Construction administration services included preconstruction overview, construction inspection and review, and shop drawing review. Bayside continues to ensure the satisfactory completion of our designs for the respective client.

Other similar rest area projects designed by Bayside for the MassDOT include Route 2 Eastbound and Westbound, Templeton, MA; and I-495 Northbound and Southbound, Chelmsford, MA.