Vesper Country Club in Tyngsborough, MA, enlisted the services of Bayside Engineering (Design) and Kodiak Corporation (Construction) to upgrade the structural capacity of the Tyng’s Island bridge. The bridge, believed to have been built in 1937, spans the Merrimack River and allows entry to the island portion of the club.

The purpose of this project was to replace an existing 108’ bridge with a longer, steel truss bridge, including complete abutment replacement and roadway work. The upgrade would ensure that large emergency, safety, commercial and construction vehicles could safely access the island by way of the bridge.
In addition to the list below, the scope of services provided by Bayside Engineering included: Assessment of Existing Structures, Bridge Design Services, Environmental Permitting and Construction Staging Services.

Project Parameters/Constraints included:
  • Limited construction season: December through March
  • Abutments to be built behind existing dry lab abutment­­
  • Spread footing design to replace micro pile conception design
  • Crashworthy-approved walls
  • Erection procedure with truss stability plan
  • Pre-engineered steel truss/floor beam/stringer with precast concrete deck
Completed Bridge Design includes:
  • Abutment design - reinforced concrete spreadfooting with poor subsoil removed and replaced with a well-compacted gravel
  • Cold-season concreting
  • Abutment partially bearing on existing abutments to increase existing abutment stability
  • Cast concrete approach walls with moment slabs


Client: Vesper Country Club
Location: Tyng's Island Bridge, Tyngsborough, MA