The project involved preparing plans, special provisions, and an estimate for the Bridge Replacement of Bridge
No. H-14-001 (0FA) which carries State Route 8A (Jacksonville Stage Road) over Mill Brook in the Town of

The original single span bridge was constructed in 1928 and reconstructed in 1948. The superstructure was
comprised of five steel beams with a six inch reinforced concret e deck and had a span of 22’-6”.

Bayside designed a new 40 foot single span bridge with curb-to-curb width of 22 feet. The new structure is
constructed of seven (7) precast concrete rigid frame units that are butted together and transverse tied into
a single structure. The precast superstructure is topped with a hot mix asphalt wearing surface. To ensure
that there was no adverse impact to the hydraulic flow area under the bridge, the existing bridge’s low chord
elevation was maintained. The bridge railings are S3-TL4 bridge railings painted red at the request of the
Heath Historical Society. Guardrail and guardrail transitions are provided at each corner of the bridge.

The new superstructure is supported by new precast footings. The footings were installed behind the existing
dry stone masonry abutments which have been retained to preserve the site’s historical context and to serve
as the scour countermeasure for the new footings. Concrete fill was used as a foundation for the precast
footings as a way to provide an even base on the shallow ledge at the site. The existing stone wingwalls,
upstream channel walls and vegetated wetland have been preserved.

Roadway reconstruction included the reconstruction of the south intersection of State Route 8A, Dell Road and
Saunders Road. The open roadway drainage incorporated Type A berms and the necessary slope treatments
to avoid direct discharge into Mill Brook.

Since the only detour was nearly 6 miles, the road was closed for construction the shortest period possible,
approximately 42 days. This duration was met through heavy utilization of accelerated construction
techniques and precast bridge elements in conjunction with a construction staging area at the southeast
quadrant of the project site.


Client: Town of Heath, Massachusetts
Location: State Route 8A (Jacksonville Stage Road) over Mill Brook