Bayside Engineering provided full-time construction management services for the City of Lawrence School Building Committee (LSBC) for the construction of the new Wetherbee Elementary School.

We assigned three full-time construction management, civil/structural and architectural engineers to the Lawrence schools construction office.

The following services were provided:

  • Monitored construction activity of contractor and subcontractors to ensure conformance to contract documents and specifications.
  • Maintained all documents relative to the construction including correspondence, meeting minutes, shop drawings, submittals of architect’sssupplemental information, requests for information, current contract documents, change order proposals, change orders and construction change directives.
  • Examined, evaluate, classify and discuss change order proposals with Owner.
  • Monitored work extras to verify the manpower, equipment and materials required to complete work.
  • Prepared daily and monthly reports to document daily construction activity, manpower counts and financial status.
  • Worked together with the architect to develop punch list and observe construction activity to ensure punch list construction items are completed.
  • Verified receipt of all documents required by the contract such as the owner’s operation and maintenance manuals and as-built drawings.
  • Reviewed and approved requests for payment.