Intersection and Safety Improvement Project VFW Highway and Bridge Street/Lakeview Avenue

Bayside Engineering was selected by MassDOT to redesign one of the most hazardous intersections in Massachusetts according to MassDOT crash data. The $2.8 million project realigned the intersection of Bridge Street and the VFW Highway in Lowell.

Bayside’s highway design improvements included providing additional exclusive turn lanes to enhance safety and capacity, installed new traffic signal equipment that included all new phasing and timings, provided ADA compliant pedestrian signals and push buttons,  constructed new sidewalks and curbing, and installed new signage and pavement markings.

“It’s been really very frustrating for Lowell motorists for a long, long time.” explained Lowell’s Mayor Ed Kennedy in a Fox25 article. “This is a very densely populated section of the city, so there’s a higher than usual amount of pedestrian traffic here which exasperates the situation. Hopefully the redesign will take care of that.”

 Construction began in the summer of 2015 and was completed in the fall of 2016.

Bayside Engineering has been providing traffic engineering services for more than fifty years.

VFW Highway Improvement Project

Before / After

Bayside Engineering VFW Highway Improvement Project